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Montrose Animal Hospital

Dear Client,

We have been receiving calls from our clients concerned about their pets regarding coronavirus. We thought it would be a good time to touch base with some of the details. 


·         Pets are NOT getting sick from the coronavirus.

·         There is no evidence that pets can transmit coronavirus to people.

·         If you are infected with coronavirus, you should avoid contact with your pet out of caution.

·         Pets can be fomites, meaning if an infected person pets an animal and another person immediately pets the animal, the second person could become infected.

·         Dogs and cats can get and are vaccinated against coronavirus, but it is a completely different strain than COVID-19.


One dog in Hong Kong tested a weak positive for COVID-19.  It is suspected that it was transmitted from its owner who had coronavirus.  This is a rare case and again there is no known transmission from pets to people.

Bottom-line: There is no need to worry about your pet and coronavirus.  If you suspect you have coronavirus, treat your pet as you would the rest of the family and avoid any possibility of spreading the virus.

The doctors and staff at Montrose Animal Hospital are committed to the health of you and your pets.  We have taken measures to step-up our disinfection of the hospital and we will not allow sick employees in the building.

Below is a great website from Colorado State University and another from the CDC about pets and the coronavirus and if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 770-977-9000.



James Davis, DVM

Owner, Montrose Animal Hospital