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Senior Dog Care

Senior Dog Veterinary Care, East Cobb, Marietta GA

We will ensure that your dog will age both healthfully AND gracefully!

Are you familiar with the many changes in health that your dog will experience as he or she ages?  You might find that it is difficult to recognize these changes since the signs of aging develop slowly and are easy for pet owners to miss. Over time, these subtle changes in your pet’s health may progress, leading to advanced stages of illnesses.  At Montrose Animal Hospital and Pet Hotel, we believe it is critical to intervene and catch health issues early by offering proactive, preventative senior dog care.  Together we will manage your senior dog’s good health, vitality and increase his or her well-being.

How do you know if your pet is considered a “senior”?

Your dog can be considered a “senior” between 6 and 8 years of age depending on several factors, such as his or her lifestyle history, breed, medical history, etc. While many dogs appear healthy in their senior years, remember that many pets become skilled at hiding illness and pain. Specialized senior care exams and diagnostic testing can help us determine problems early enough to begin treatment options.  The best time for you to begin your dog’s senior care program is before age-related conditions begin. 

Some common age related issues include:

What should you do if your dog has reached his or her “senior” years?

As your dog ages, the type of medical care your dog needs changes too.  We recommend semi-annual senior care exams that include an in-depth analysis of your dog’s overall health.  During these exams, we perform senior care diagnostic testing and begin a dialogue about the factors that may be influencing your dog’s aging process, any observed symptoms and concerns about your dog that you may have.

During your dog’s senior care exam, we will focus on:

If your pet is exhibiting any of these common signs of geriatric disease, please call us for a senior wellness exam:

It is never too early to talk to us about senior care.  Knowing the facts and providing high quality preventative medicine throughout your dog’s lifetime is the best way to ensure happy and healthy golden years and a long and enjoyable future together.  Early medical detection and treatment of diseases in your senior dog can only be accomplished through regular examinations and screening tests.  Please give us a call today to schedule an exam for your senior dog.