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Veterinary Dermatology

We Understand Your Pet’s Skin Problems!

We Understand Your Pet’s Skin Problems!

At Montrose Animal Hospital, we understand your pet’s skin problems, and we will work closely with you to diagnose, treat and monitor any skin, ear, nail or pad problem your dog or cat may have. Problems such as allergies, diseases of the skin, ear infections or immune-mediated conditions can leave your pet feeling uncomfortable and affect their quality of life. By determining the underlying cause of dermatological problems, we can provide treatments to clear up your pet’s condition.

Effective treatments are available for an array of problems. Conditions we often treat are:

  • Allergies and allergy-induced skin diseases (including food allergies)
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Autoimmune skin diseases
  • Chronic ear infections, inflammation and other ear problems
  • Hot spots
  • Parasitic skin disease
  • Skin cancer and skin cysts
  • Skin disease caused by systemic disease or cancer
  • Toenail problems

Please give us a call if your pet is experiencing any skin or ear issues.