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Be proactive about your pet’s health through our wellness approach!

As a comprehensive veterinary hospital, Montrose Animal Hospital and Pet Hotel believes the optimal health of your pet comes from wellness exams. Wellness exams play a vital role in the early detection of any future health issues and disease prevention. Our combination of educational excellence, modern laboratory testing, state of the art diagnostic services and in-house pharmacy allows us to provide offer the best preventative care for your pet through every life stage.

The Value of Regular Wellness Exams

Your pet’s wellness exam helps us understand your expectations as a pet owner and establishes what we hope to be a lifelong relationship. During wellness exams and other consultations, we will discuss important details regarding your pet’s health and answer all of your questions. Dental care, arthritis, nutrition, immunizations and lifestyle changes are important topics to discuss with your veterinarian.

To learn more about our wellness exams, please click on the link above that best describes your pet.

Vaccinations are important in preventing serious diseases in your dog or cat

Unless properly vaccinated, your pet is at risk for contracting one of several, possibly fatal, infectious diseases. Fortunately, most common infectious diseases can be prevented by routine vaccinations. In fact, vaccines are effective in the large majority those vaccinated, and they dramatically reduce virus transmission in our local pet population.

We tailor your pet’s vaccinations to the needs of your pet

Pets have different lifestyles and deserve individual attention and consideration at vaccination time. At Montrose Animal Hospital and Pet Hotel, vaccine programs are tailored individually for each pet. In creating your pet’s vaccination plan, we will take into consideration your pet’s lifestyle such as exposure to the outdoors, travel and boarding plans, breed, health status and immune competence. These factors may change over time, so it is best to review your pet’s vaccination plan at each wellness exam. Discuss your plans for your pet’s life in the months ahead and any important information from your pet’s past. Information about vaccination reactions in the past is critical for your pet’s safety during future vaccinations, so be sure to discuss your pet’s vaccination history with us.

Parasite prevention

Even healthy pets are at risk for acquiring an infection with parasites. Common parasites are heartworm, fleas and ticks. Most of these are easy to prevent and we recommend that pets be kept on heartworm and flea prevention all year round. We also recommend pets be given a seasonal tick prevention (Early Spring through Late Fall). We carry a variety of the highest quality, safest parasite preventatives available. They are available in monthly chewable tablets or topical solutions. All of these preventions are easily administered to your pet and go a long way in keeping your pet healthy. Your veterinarian will discuss these products and their treatments with you at your pet’s annual exam.

Dental Care.

Regular, professional dental care is important to keep your pet healthy. Plaque and tartar that build-up on your pet’s teeth can lead to gingivitis. Reddened, bleeding gums, difficulty chewing and bad breath are all signs of gingivitis. Untreated gingivitis can progress to a more advanced form of periodontal disease, a bacterial infection that, if left untreated, can cause the loss of teeth. For more information about pet dental care, please visit our dental care page.

Behavioral Consultation

Helping you integrate your pet in your home, with your family or other pets, is a part of our wellness exams. We will be happy to discuss your pet’s behavior with you during your pet’s exam.