Canine Influenza Article

Canine Influenza

What is canine influenza?

  • Caused by a flu virus
  • Highly contagious
  • H3N8 strain

How contagious is canine influenza?

  • Virtually EVERY dog exposed to the virus will become infected
  • 80% of infected dogs will show signs of infection
  • Dogs have no natural immunity to the virus

What are the signs of canine influenza?

  • The most common sign is persistent cough
  • It is a respiratory condition
  • Other signs include a low-grade fever, nasal discharge, lack of energy, and loss of appetite

How serious is canine influenza?

  • Canine influenza is usually mild, but can become serious in some dogs
  • In severe cases, high fever and pneumonia can occur
  • A small number of cases have been fatal due to complications

How can I protect my dog from canine influenza?

  • Currently there is no specific treatment. As with all viral illnesses, it must run its course
  • Prevention begins with maintaining your dog’s good health
  • Ensure all grooming and boarding facilities your dog enters are clean and have an infectious disease protocol in place
  • Recently, a new canine influenza vaccine—the first of its kind—was approved for use in the US and has been clinically proven to significantly reduce the severity and length of the illness
  • If your dog is currently being vaccinated for Bordetella, it should also be vaccinated for Canine Influenza

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