We're particular about your pet's health

Pet Grooming

Dog Grooming in East Cobb, Marietta Georgia

Montrose Animal Hospital and Pet Hotel takes pride in both how your pet feels AND looks! Therefore, our grooming services are designed to promote your pet’s overall health!

While it is easy to assume that “grooming” simply refers to beautifying your pet, we believe that grooming is also a critical component to your pet’s overall health. We have professional groomers on staff with experience providing haircuts for all types of breeds.

Why is grooming important to your pet’s overall health?

Not only will regular grooming make your pet look nice, but he/she will be happier and healthier, too. Grooming:

  • Allows our trained groomers to check your pet for abnormalities that may signify a problem and bring it to the immediate attention of our veterinarians.
  • Improves your pet’s skin and coat; routine brushing and bathing removes dead skin and keeps coats shiny while stimulating the production of natural skin oils.
  • Reduces your pet’s shedding and/or dandruff.
  • Allows our groomer to trim your pet’s nails, which reduces potential paw issues.
  • Keeps your pet’s ears clean, which decreases the risk of infections and/or mites.

Our grooms include a bath, haircut, ear cleaning, nail trimming, external anal gland expression and a full brushout. Your pet will love the pampering by the professional groomers at our facility.

We also offer a variety of bathing services designed to target specific skin issues, such as abnormal skin/coat odor, and irritated, itchy skin/coat, among others.

Call us today if your pet could use the services of our groomers!