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Adult Dog Wellness Care

Canine Wellness Care in East Cobb, Marietta GA

Canine Wellness Care in East Cobb, Marietta GA

Our Dog Wellness Exams are Comprehensive!

A regular exam benefits your dog in a number of ways. Using information obtained from an exam, we establish a complete health profile for your dog. This information is used when administering vaccines, preparing anesthesia for surgery and diagnosing your dog should other health conditions arise. Preventive care and examinations help us find, diagnose and treat health problems before they become serious and more difficult to treat.

Our annual canine wellness exam includes: 

  • Thorough “nose-to-tail” physical examination.
  • Lab work and fecal checks. 
  • The blood test includes a heartworm test, a full chemistry panel and complete blood count.  The blood test may identify the presence of an underlying disease and helps create a baseline should your pet become ill between routine examinations. Fecal check tests for internal parasites and regular dewormings (if necessary) are the best way to prevent parasitic disease.
  • A dental exam.  Dental disease is the most common disease with over 80% of dogs having some dental disease.  Dental care is very important for your dog’s overall health, especially as he or she gets older.  Please read more about dental disease on our dental care page.
  • Annual heartworm testing and prevention.  Heartworm disease is a serious disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes and, if left untreated, can be fatal.   Please visit our FAQs page for more information on heartworm and why the annual blood test is necessary.
  • Recommendations for parasite prevention and control.  External and internal parasites and ticks can cause preventable disease.  We will discuss the medications we recommend to keep your dog protected from these diseases.  Fleas and ticks are more than an annoyance for your dog.  They can be transmission agents for numerous preventable diseases, such as Lyme disease, heartworm disease, and West Nile Virus.  Internal parasites such as tapeworms can also be prevented.   We carry the safest, most effective flea and tick preventatives in our pharmacy.  Using a flea prevention medicine, you can keep fleas from infesting not only your dog, but also your home.
  • Vaccinations.  Many diseases and conditions can be prevented with modern vaccines and protocols. Reviewing your dog’s vaccination protocols regularly helps to ensure that your dog is getting all the necessary immunizations and booster shots for his or her age, environment and risk level. Vaccination schedules are individually tailored to your dog, so your veterinarian will ask questions about your dog’s lifestyle to be sure we recommend a suitable program.
  • Nutritional Advice. Your dog’s wellness exam is the perfect time to discuss your dog’s diet with us.  By understanding a few simple concepts, you can effectively evaluate the label on any pet food.  The only accurate information about a dog food is on the label of the container or package within the product information panel. You should ignore any information outside of the product information panel, as it is for marketing purposes only. Determining the correct food for your dog involves assessing his or her weight, body condition, life stage and overall health.  We will be happy to review your dog’s food with you so that your dog is receiving optimal nutrition during each state of his or her lifetime.
  • Weight Management.  Obesity may occur at any age, but most commonly occurs in dogs in middle age.  If your dog is overweight, you can do many different things to help him get back into shape. Speaking with us is the first place to start.  For some dogs, feeding a diet formulated for weight loss and carefully selecting lower calories treats can help. Increasing exercise as appropriate for your dog may be helpful, too. 
  • Microchipping.  Microchipping your dog can help him or her return home safely should your dog become lost or separated from you. Microchipping is a safe, effective way to help identify your dog.   Please visit our microchipping page for more information about microchipping.
  • Behavioral Advice.   We will be happy to discuss your dog’s behaviors, daily activity and exercise habits with you.  Just let us know how we can help!
  • Recommendations for possible additional diagnostic testing, if needed.

Please call us today to schedule a wellness exam for your dog so that your dog will be protected.